Tello Edu

Innovative STEM Learning

The Tello Edu is a programmable drone designed specifically for STEM Education. The drone can be coded through the Tello Edu app, Scratch, Python and Apple Swift Playground. The product is perfect for developing problem solving, coding, computational skills and real-life skills. The Tello Edu progresses mathematical and scientific skills and can easily be differentiated to different levels and abilities. The educational element is endless as well as bringing a fun and engaging dimension to learning.

The Tello Edu is available in numerous different packages through our partners

Tello EDU Activities Pack

sySTEM Education’s Tello Edu Activities Pack takes advantage of people’s almost natural fascination with flying machines. It utilises and develops young people’s core competencies and skills and takes them further.

Each of the activities in the pack helps develop pupils’ core abilities in Numeracy & Literacy as well as develop their Computational Thinking and coding proficiency.

The pack aids in developing; collaboration and teamwork, creative and imaginative thinking, problem solving and critical thinking.

Throughout the activities in the pack, using a range of numeracy, literacy and digital competency, young people will work in small flight teams to plan and calculate solutions and design flight paths for the Tello Edu Drone to complete real-life indoor missions.

The pack ensures groups are brought together regularly to analyse their results at each stage, to share successes, ideas and solutions to ensure ‘whole class’ success in providing workable collaborative solutions to the challenges set.

This helps develop a free flow of ideas, effective communication, an element of competitiveness and also a commitment to whole class success in delivering the project.

The Activities Pack is offered as part of the Tello EDU package supplied by Drones Direct. If you would like to know more information about the education pack or Tello Edu please leave your name and message below.

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